Are Orthodontic Braces the Only Way to Straighten Teeth?

Orthodontic Braces Everett

Is it Possible to Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces?

To straighten teeth as part of the concept of a perfect smile has never been more present than in our era.

A straight smile is not only a matter of appearance but a matter of health. Taking care of your teeth is a task for your lifetime. You can never stop brushing and flossing, and you should always attend an annual visit to the dentist since they are the ones who know about dental care, diagnosis, or treatment.

In most cases, dentists direct their patients to the orthodontist’s office. Having aligned teeth is necessary to maintain good oral health, avoid pain, and prevent or correct facial deformation.

People often try to find natural methods and DIY solutions for straightening teeth. The DIY approach is fantastic for many areas of your life, but dental health is not one of those areas.

Teeth are bones, meaning changing your teeth’ position implies bone movement, so you should take it easy and leave it under professional hands. Visiting an orthodontist does not mean you will have to get metal braces. Dental experts can provide alternatives that suit your needs.

Many Everett orthodontic appliances might help your case and don’t involve you having to devise ways by yourself.

How to Straighten Teeth Without Braces Everett?

Everett Orthodontics is not only traditional metal braces. Discreet and affordable options exist. Having alternatives is necessary since each patient is different from another. Your needs and goals don’t have to be the same as your friends.

Different orthodontic appliances serve different purposes. Sometimes, to correct a crowded smile or crooked teeth, you must use palate expanders, spacers, or elastic bands in cases where there is an overbite or underbite. Orthodontics is complex; you have to be able to trust your doctor.

These are some of the best and safe straighteners, fixed and removable:

  • Lingual braces.
  • Clear ceramic braces.
  • Invisalign clear aligners.

How to Close a Gap in Your Teeth Without Braces?

Although braces are highly efficient, we understand patients who prefer a different option. These alternatives can correct gaps (diastemas) and spacing problems.

Dental Veneers

A veneer is like a tooth-colored dental shell or cover made from resin or porcelain.

With a dental veneer, you can cover the surface of the tooth or teeth you don’t like, whether the problem is stains, space, size, or shape. A dentist will attach the veneer to your tooth’s surface.

The care your veneers need will depend on the material you and your dentist choose.

Mild diastema is a problem dental veneers can cover. For more complex malocclusion issues, Invisalign is a better option.

Invisalign Everett

Clear aligners are the new wave of orthodontic treatments in Everett. The main difference they offer from traditional braces is they are completely transparent and removable.

With Invisalign, your orthodontist can correct mild to moderate spacing problems (such as gaps or crowding), overbites, underbites, and crooked teeth. All of this without brackets attached to your teeth and no wires.

You will need a few months or more to see the final results, but you can be sure Invisible clear aligners are safe and efficient.

DIY and In-Mail Teeth Straightening Options: Are They Safe?

Forget about DIY remedies for orthodontic problems; you will actually save money from this since it would only make worse whatever problems you have.

Some clear aligners brands offer in-mail or at-home care, which translates into virtual checkups with doctors or brand ambassadors and no in-office visits to the dental office. This system may sound convenient, but it’s not certified by the AAO or the ADA since they lack important steps in their treatment: no X-Rays, no suitable options, and not the best technology.

Teeth and Gum Damage

Not visiting an orthodontist in person before you get orthodontic appliances in your mouth can result in terrible consequences like tooth loss.

A doctor has to fit your clear aligners into your teeth, and they have to teach you to do it by yourself so you won’t harm your gums. Not following the correct use of clear aligners can cause receding gums and wobbly teeth.

Emergency Orthodontist in Everett

Even when you start alignment treatment with a certified orthodontist, make sure the dental practice you choose has emergency care for orthodontics, and it is near your area in Everett.

Braces vs Invisalign

Everett Orthodontic braces are the ones you have known forever, and Invisalign is the latest (and safest) technology of clear aligners. Both systems are efficient, certified, and provided by orthodontists all around the world, and both have pros and cons.



  • They are discreet and perfect for avoiding confidence issues.
  • Invisalign uses resistant and safe materials.
  • Removable.


  • More expensive than other systems.
  • It cannot correct severe crowding, malocclusions, or crooked teeth.
  • The treatment plan tends to be longer than with braces.



  • Can correct malocclusions from mild to severe cases.
  • Cheaper than other systems.
  • Faster alignment plan.


  • Not removable.
  • Visible.
  • They can cause ulcerations.

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