How Long Does Braces Treatment Take?

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If you are considering straightening your teeth, you must know orthodontic treatment requires expert planning and patient compliance. Changing your smile does not happen overnight, but the effort is absolutely worth it, and it improves your quality of life.

You will thank a straight smile not only because you will look better but because you will be healthier. Aligned teeth reduce the risk of bad breath, gum disease, and cavities. Problems such as mandible pain, jaw alignment issues, and trouble chewing can all originate with malocclusions.

It’s normal if you worry about having braces on your mouth for too long; you want to have the full picture before deciding to start the treatment plan. The answers to these doubts should come from a certified orthodontist and no one else. We can advance that orthodontic treatment times with braces usually take several months to achieve the results.

It’s not unusual to find an individual patient who requires two years or more with orthodontic braces. The treatment length of braces will depend on the severity of your issues, if you need a tooth extraction, your age, etc. Invisalign treatment length is similar and usually shorter.

Traditional braces allow a normal lifestyle, so you should not worry about this. You will be able to eat, talk and go on with your life normally. How long after getting braces can you eat solid food? Sooner than you think. However, your dietary habits might vary a little, and some extreme sports can pose risks to the treatment plan.

Since oral treatment involves many fronts, including oral health, you must visit a licensed doctor.

What Should a Detailed Orthodontic Treatment Plan Include?

You should remember some essential aspects when planning to start braces treatment; these will help the process and ensure every step you take is safe. No dental treatment can begin without involving a dental expert.

Find Your Orthodontist

So, you will first need to visit your nearest orthodontist for an examination. Why the nearest? Having your dental home near your area is important to make your life easy since you will have to visit the same office twice or thrice a month. You have to find an orthodontist you can trust and who works in your area.

How do you know you can trust a doctor? If they are transparent about their education and experience. To become an orthodontist, you have to graduate from dental school and complete your orthodontic residency. Check their reviews online and make sure their offices are clean and well-equipped.

Orthodontic Treatment Starts With Professional Diagnosis

When you find your doctor, book an appointment to have your examination. After taking your x-rays, your doctor will diagnose your type of malocclusion and its class and the best treatment plan for you. If your teeth and mouth are healthy, this means there is no gum disease or cavities you can start wearing orthodontic appliances.

The Everett Invisalign treatment also includes a 3D scan of your upper and lower jaw and a smile design. If you are to wear braces, your doctor may need to create impressions of your teeth. Constant in-office checkups are mandatory for treatment with both alternatives, clear aligners or traditional braces.

When Braces Are Off, the Retainers Come On

After your alignment is done, you will have to wear dental retainers for as long as your orthodontist sees fit. Retainers will prevent your teeth from moving in a different direction or going back to their previous position.

How Long Does Orthodontics Treatment Take?

We can divide orthodontic treatment times into different phases; each phase’s length will depend on many factors. As an orthodontic patient, you will need to have patience because the results take time. In most cases, it takes years to achieve teeth alignment.

One of the major factors is the age of the patients. Not because the is an age limit to start wearing braces or clear aligners but because early treatment can prevent complex situations with crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or severe spacing problems.

The teeth of younger patients are also easier to move during the preteen and teenage years. For older patients, age effects in orthodontia are unavoidable, it takes more time to achieve a new smile.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take for Teens?

Patients can start noticing changes as soon as 6-12 months into treatment, but it’s unusual to find treatment plans this short since teeth might relapse. Moving teeth too fast can have serious consequences like tooth fractures.

If you worry about your dietary habits and how long after getting braces can you eat solid food, don’t. This recommendation expires after the first 24 to 48hrs of getting your braces for the first time, and you will thank for it since your teeth will probably be hurting.

Because teen mouths are nearly new, the teeth move easily. Preventive therapy can prevent the development of more complex issues, which also helps shorten the treatment length.

The average length of orthodontic treatment for teens is 12-18 months. Cases requiring functional appliances such as palatal expanders or tooth extractions might last additional months.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take for Adult Patients?

Most adults visit the dental office with lots of concerns in mind. They think traditional metal braces are for teenagers because nobody is paying attention to their appearance, and for an adult, it’s easier to dissimulate crooked teeth than braces Everett. On the same line, they think orthodontic treatment is too long to manage because of their age.

And yes, orthodontic treatment might take a little longer for adult patients, but this is not the case for every patient, nor an excuse for having poor oral health. For adults who had teeth aligners before, the treatment can be very short if a second round is needed later on.

Treatment in adults who are having orthodontics for the first time, the average length is similar to the treatment for teens. Effectively moving teeth takes around 16-18 months to two years. Since adult teeth tend to be harder, the treatment plan could lengthen to two years and a half or more.

Is Wearing Braces for Too Long Bad for Your Teeth?

Although orthodontic treatment lasts long periods of time, leaving your braces on for too long can lead to poor oral hygiene and disease. While you wear your braces, you still have to visit the dentist to get professional cleanings in addition to your dental hygiene routine.

It’s no secret that traditional braces pose a difficulty to the cleaning process; this is why you have to be especially careful when you are a patient with any kind of braces. Stopping your treatment and not getting your brackets removed is not an option.

You can develop dental calculus, gum disease, and tooth decay as a consequence of the extended duration of braces treatment. There is an optimal duration for Everett orthodontic treatment.

How to Speed Up Invisalign Treatment?

We all wish we could achieve healthy smiles overnight, but sadly, it’s not possible. However, there are practices you can follow to keep your treatment on track.

Following your doctor’s indications and recommendations is, of course, the first one. Keep your diet low on sugary foods, wear your aligners religiously, do not miss dental appointments, and keep excellent dental hygiene.

Some clear aligners brands work with accelerating devices to the process of teeth straightening. The device works through vibration, reducing soreness and helping teeth move faster. One of the alternatives in the market is AcceleDent.

Keep in mind that moving teeth too fast can lead to dangerous consequences. Shorter treatment times must pose a doubt for you. Consult every alternative and doubt with your orthodontist in Everett.

Can I Switch From Braces to Invisalign Mid Treatment?

This is something you can ask on your first visit to the orthodontist so you can evaluate all the options with your doctor. In some cases, patients can start treatment with Everett Invisalign clear plastic aligners, some others can begin with braces and then switch to plastic straighteners, and some have to stick with braces from beginning to end.

The aforementioned factors, the particularities of your case, and your budget will set the debate. Be patient because changing your teeth’s position is a big deal, and you don’t want to put yourself at risk.

Start Asking the Questions With Our Everett Orthodontist

Dr. Katz is a European-certified orthodontist who can answer all your doubts about the length of orthodontic treatment, whether you have to change your diet or not, and the best alternative for you.

At Silver Lake Orthodontics, you can choose between Invisalign or traditional braces following your diagnosis.

This dental home in Everett also offers Everett Everett emergency care for orthodontics which is always important to consider. Do not hesitate to begin your evaluation and set an appointment for a perfect smile.