Are Water Irrigators an Alternative During Braces Treatment?

Water irrigators can help patients keep their mouth clean.

Oral hygiene is always and forever essential. It should be part of your daily routine, no skipping days, no cheating. Dental health is part of your overall health.

How to brush our teeth is the first thing we learn about taking care of our mouths. As we get older, more steps become part of our hygiene habits -flossing, mouthwash, etcetera.

With braces, cleaning your teeth may seem complicated, but in the era of self-threaders, Waterpik, and interdental brushes you are covered.

It’s normal to feel lazy from time to time, and, nonetheless, you should clean your teeth every day, at least twice a day. Good oral hygiene practices become paramount when you are a patient with orthodontic appliances like conventional brackets.

One of the principal causes of tooth decay and gum disease is to allow bacteria to host in our mouth and teeth for long periods. We always have a certain amount of bacteria in our mouths; this is normal.

When these bacteria find food particles hidden in our mouth, it thrives and grows. It clings to our teeth and starts attacking the tooth’s armor or tooth’s enamel if we are technical. Brushing regularly with fluoride toothpaste prevents this from happening.

The Importance of Flossing During Braces

Bacteria do not only cling you our teeth, but it also allocates in our gums and behind them. The tiny spaces in between your teeth are a great spot for bacteria. Even your tongue is not safe from it.

That’s why there is much more to dental health than just brushing. Dental floss makes it possible to reach places your toothbrush bristles can’t. Flossing regularly also helps prevent the formation of dental plaque.

A straight smile is good because your denture looks better; therefore, you feel better because you gain confidence. What many people ignore is that aligned teeth have fewer nooks and crannies to hide bacteria.

Flossing contributes to protecting the health of your gums. You can avoid red gums or inflamed gums. Bad breath is often produced by the bacteria thriving in your mouth due to poor hygiene. By using dental floss, you also take control of this.

Water Flossing With a Water Irrigator

We mentioned that an oral water irrigator or Waterpik, commonly named, can be of great help with the task of cleaning off food particles. A water flosser can take your mouth-cleaning routine to another level.

But what is a water irrigator? We can understand from its name that it works with water, and how? A Waterpik is a device people can easily use at home. It has a water tank you fill with clean, lukewarm water. Through a straw-like tip flows water with pressure.

Water flossers are perfectly safe since you just have to direct the water steam to the spaces in between each tooth. Water flossers can reach the biofilm that forms where the gums end and the tooth appears.

Just make sure you clean the water reservoir and tip after every use. Humidity helps bacteria grow inside.

Does a Water Irrigator Replace Traditional Flossing?

With as many innovative options as we listed before, people can get confused about which is the better option. Self-threader floss and interdental brushes are perfect for optimizing your dental care when wearing braces.

Interdental Brushes

These are very small and practical. You can buy them at your local pharmacy or supermarket. Interdental brushes are designed to fit the gap below your archwire and in between each bracket.

They work fantastic for bigger food particles entangled in your braces.

Self-Threader Floss

These small and practical objects make best friends with brackets. No need to cut the right length of floss, and no tearing. The waxed floss version can be found at local pharmacies. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you can find your favorite.

Traditional flossing can be difficult for Everett orthodontic treatment patients. Self-threaders are the comfortable solution to the problem.

Traditional Dental Flossing Cannot Be Replaced

Although water irrigators and interdental brush flossing are fantastic tools to complement your regular dental hygiene routine, they do not suffice as substitutes for conventional flossing.

Dental experts continue to recommend dental flossing even for users of Waterpik. It would help if you brushed with toothpaste and floss daily, no matter what.

Visiting Your Doctor Is Part of Your Dental Care

Do not forget to visit your dental practice in Everett. Ask your orthodontist for tips on taking proper care of your teeth while undergoing orthodontic treatment in Everett. Schedule an appointment with our Silver Lake Orthodontics and catch up with your mouth’s health.

Start the year the right way.